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  1. Working in open source: part 1

    By Andrej Shadura

    Three years ago on this day I joined Collabora to work on free software full-time. It still feels a bit like yesterday, despite so much time passing since then. In this post, I’m going to reconstruct the events of that year.

    Back in 2015, I worked for Alcatel-Lucent, who …

  2. Porting inputplug to XCB

    By Andrej Shadura

    5 years ago I wrote inputplug, a tiny daemon which connects to your X server and monitors its input devices, running an external command each time a device is connected or disconnected.

    I have used a custom keyboard layout and a fairly non-standard settings for my pointing devices since 2012 …

  3. Goodbye Octopress, hello Pelican

    By Andrej Shadura

    Hi from MiniDebConf in Hamburg!

    As you may have noticed, I don’t update this blog often. One of the reasons why this was happening was that until now it was incredibly difficult to write posts. The software I used, Octopress (based on Jekyll) was based on Ruby, and it …

  4. Say no to Slack, say yes to Matrix

    By Andrej Shadura

    Of all proprietary chatting systems, Slack has always seemed one of the worst to me. Not only it’s a closed proprietary system with no sane clients, open source or not, but it not just one walled garden, as Facebook or WhatsApp are, but a constellation of walled gardens, isolated …

  5. Phulud? No, Phulad.

    By Andrej Shadura

    If you bought an North India travel guide by Vanessa Betts and Victoria McCulloch, and tried to figure out where is ‘Phulud’ and how to get there from Deogarh (and how to get to Deogarh itself from Udaipur), don’t waste your time googling, as it’s not Phulud, but …

  6. Community time at Collabora

    By Andrej Shadura

    I haven't yet blogged about this (as normally I don't blog often), but I joined Collabora in June last year. Since then, I had an opportunity to work with OpenEmbedded again, write a kernel patch, learn lots of things about systemd (in particular, how to stop worrying about it taking …

  7. Public transport map of Managua

    By Andrej Shadura

    Holger Levsen writes about the public transport map of Managua, Nicaragua, which is, according to him, the first detailed map of Managua's bus network:

    If you haven't been to Managua, you might not be able to immediatly appreciate the usefulness of this. Up until now, there has been no map …

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