1. Useful FFmpeg commands for video editing

    As a response to Antonio Terceiro’s blog post, I’m publishing some FFmpeg commands I’ve been using recently.

    Embedding subtitles

    Sometimes you have a video with subtitles in multiple languages and you don’t want to clutter the directory with a lot of similarly-named files — or maybe you …

  2. FOSDEM by train

    I’ve always loved train journeys, but with flygskam changing people’s travel preferences across Europe (and possibly worldwide, though probably not that much), I decided to take train to FOSDEM this time.

    When I first went to FOSDEM which, just in case you don’t know, happens each February …

  3. Rust-like enums in Kotlin

    Rust has an exciting concept of enumeration types, which is much more powerful than enums in other languages. Notably C has the weakest type of enum, since there’s no type checking of any kind, and enum values can be used interchangeably with integers:

    enum JobState {
        COMPLETED …
  4. resvg: worth having in Debian?

    Yesterday I have discovered resvg, an MPL 2.0-licensed SVG rendering and optimisation library and a tool, written in Rust. It is said to be faster than some SVG renderers while currently slower than librsvg. It aims to support the static subset of SVG better than other libraries:

    SVG test suite results: resvg 1272, Inkscape 967, librsvg 998

    The author …

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