1. Coffee gear upgrade

    By Andrej Shadura

    Two weeks ago I decided to make myself a combined birthday and Christmas present and upgrade my coffee gear.

    I’ve got my first espresso machine back in 2013, it was a cheap Saeco Philips Poemia, which made reasonably drinkable coffee, but not being able to make good coffee made …

  2. Transitioning to a new OpenPGP key

    By Andrej Shadura

    Following dkg’s example, I decided to finally transition to my new ed25519/cv25519 key.

    Unlike Daniel, I’m not yet trying to split identities, but I’m using this chance to drop old identities I no longer use. My new key only has my main email address and the …

  3. Useful FFmpeg commands for video editing

    By Andrej Shadura

    As a response to Antonio Terceiro’s blog post, I’m publishing some FFmpeg commands I’ve been using recently.

    Embedding subtitles

    Sometimes you have a video with subtitles in multiple languages and you don’t want to clutter the directory with a lot of similarly-named files — or maybe you …

  4. FOSDEM by train

    By Andrej Shadura

    I’ve always loved train journeys, but with flygskam changing people’s travel preferences across Europe (and possibly worldwide, though probably not that much), I decided to take train to FOSDEM this time.

    When I first went to FOSDEM which, just in case you don’t know, happens each February …

  5. Rust-like enums in Kotlin

    By Andrej Shadura

    Rust has an exciting concept of enumeration types, which is much more powerful than enums in other languages. Notably C has the weakest type of enum, since there’s no type checking of any kind, and enum values can be used interchangeably with integers:

    enum JobState {
        COMPLETED …

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