Articles by Andrej Shadura

  1. GNU indent 2.2.12

    As the maintainer of GNU indent, I have just released version 2.2.12 (signature), the first release GNU indent saw in eight years.

    Highlights include:

    • New options:
      • -pal / --pointer-align-left and-par/--pointer-align-right`
      • -fnc / --fix-nested-comment
      • -gts / --gettext-strings
      • -slc / --single-line-conditionals
      • -as / --align-with-spaces
      • -ut / --use-tabs
      • -nut / --no-tabs
      • -sar / --spaces-around-initializers
      • -ntac / --dont-tab-align-comments
    • C99 …
  2. Upcoming git-crecord release

    More than 1½ years since the first release of git-crecord, I’m preparing a big update. Not aware how exactly many people are using it, I neglected the maintenance for some time, but last month I’ve decided I need to take action and fix some issues I’ve known …

  3. Working in open source: part 1

    Three years ago on this day I joined Collabora to work on free software full-time. It still feels a bit like yesterday, despite so much time passing since then. In this post, I’m going to reconstruct the events of that year.

    Back in 2015, I worked for Alcatel-Lucent, who …

  4. Porting inputplug to XCB

    5 years ago I wrote inputplug, a tiny daemon which connects to your X server and monitors its input devices, running an external command each time a device is connected or disconnected.

    I have used a custom keyboard layout and a fairly non-standard settings for my pointing devices since 2012 …

  5. Goodbye Octopress, hello Pelican

    Hi from MiniDebConf in Hamburg!

    As you may have noticed, I don’t update this blog often. One of the reasons why this was happening was that until now it was incredibly difficult to write posts. The software I used, Octopress (based on Jekyll) was based on Ruby, and it …

  6. Say no to Slack, say yes to Matrix

    Of all proprietary chatting systems, Slack has always seemed one of the worst to me. Not only it’s a closed proprietary system with no sane clients, open source or not, but it not just one walled garden, as Facebook or WhatsApp are, but a constellation of walled gardens, isolated …

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