Articles by Andrej Shadura

  1. Power button and logind

    By Andrej Shadura

    If you have configured your laptop's power button to act as sleep button using acpid, then installed systemd or systemd-shim and pressed the button only to find your laptop to shut down after it wakes up from sleep, set these options in /etc/systemd/logind.conf:

    HandleSuspendKey …
  2. Kallithea 0.2 released

    By Andrej Shadura

    This post is almost a carbon copy of the Kallithea 0.2 release notes.

    Kallithea project have just released Kallithea 0.2. Kallithea is a Python-based GPLv3 source code management software for web-based hosting of Mercurial and Git repositories.

    This release brings many changes since 0.1. Notably, pull requests …

  3. Tired of autotools? Try this: mk-configure

    By Andrej Shadura

    mk-configure is a project which tries to be autotools done right. Instead of supporting an exceedingly large number of platforms, modern and ancient, at costs of generated unreadable multi-kilobyte shell scripts, mk-configure aims at better support of less platforms, but those which are really in use today. One of the …

  4. hgk misbehaviour with Tk 8.4

    By Andrej Shadura

    Strangely enough, running hgk (a port of gitk to Mercurial, also known as hg view) with Tk 8.4 crashes my X server. Updating both Tk and the X doesn't help. I don't feel like I want to debug X now, but probably that's what I have to do :(

    Backtrace …
  5. Process isolation support in start-stop-daemon

    By Andrej Shadura

    Yesterday I played with LXC a bit, and I liked it, as LXC provides a very lightweight isolation of processes, much like enchanced chroot. However, I realised, I don't always need the chroot-like part of LXC, sometimes what I need is just to make sure the process is unable to …

  6. Clearlooks-Phénix update

    By Andrej Shadura

    Once upon a time, GTK+ 3.0 was released. That release brought at least one Bad Thing™: incompatibility with GTK+ 2.x themes. At the same time, previously popular Clearlooks theme hasn't been ported. Many people didn't like that, but only one decided to DTRT — to do the Right Thing …

  7. Not coming to FOSDEM

    By Andrej Shadura

    It turnes out moving to a different city takes more time and effort than I originally expected, so I'm skipping FOSDEM this year. That's unlike I originally planned to spend the beginning of February — I had my flight booked already, but apparently that's not the best idea ever to go …

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