1. A bit more on TrueCrypt

    By Andrej Shadura

    Few days ago I was discussing my last blog post with a colleague of mine, Lukaš Tvrdý, and he's mentioned that it actually is possible to harmlessly decrypt the TrueCrypted filesystem in online mode, resize it, and encrypt it back again. Well, I decided to try, because I have had …

  2. Linux, snd_hda_intel and Sigmatel STAC9200

    By Andrej Shadura

    Strange and interesting thing has happened to me recently. I'm a user of Dell D620 laptop, which has Intel's HDA controller and Sigmatel's STAC9200 codec. This has always worked perfectly fine, and in my mixer I could see at least two volume controls: Master and PCM. Changing volume using both …

  3. Removing accounts from Android devices

    By Andrej Shadura

    It's a well-known problem that Android offers no easy way to completely remove the primary Google account, at least sometimes.

    Well, there's one not really easy for people not involved with computer stuff, but at least it works.

    Once you have adb shell working, you need to log into your …

  4. ifupdown news

    By Andrej Shadura

    A new version of ifupdown has been uploaded to experimental yesterday, which brings some important changes.

    First of all, now it's possible to specify default values for various interface configuration options. This eliminates the need of hard coding of them in C source, as Ubuntu has been doing for some …

  5. GTK+ 3 done right

    By Andrej Shadura

    Ever wanted your GTK+ 3 look better? Unsatisfied with the default settings of Adwaita theme? Add these configuration files to your ~/.config/gtk-3.0:

    gtk.css download
    .menu {
        border-style: solid;
        border-width: 1;
    .menubar .menuitem *:prelight,
    .menubar .menuitem:prelight {
        background-color: @theme_selected_bg_color;
        color: @theme_selected_fg_color;

    This will add some nice borders to menus …

  6. Piano man

    By Andrej Shadura

    Those who had chance to be in the 'Stolitsa' shopping mall in the centre of Minsk yesterday, could enjoy a wonderful performance which was happening there.

    There's a grand piano installed in the central hall of this mall. I guess that piano was supposed to advertise some company which sells …

  7. Sixxs suxxs?

    By Andrej Shadura

    Recenly I've decided to register at Sixxs to be able to use IPv6 at my new location as they seem to use tunnelling protocol which bypasses NAT, so that was exactly what I needed. I'm a long time HE.NET user, so I expected the same quality of service and …

  8. Binary watch: NG

    By Andrej Shadura

    LED binary watch is a one of the most common geek gadgets available. The only problem with binary watch is that while it's done to be 'cool' and unusual, it's also not very convenient to use even for geeks, at least in my opinion. I think so because it fundamentally …

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