1. Power button and logind

    By Andrej Shadura

    If you have configured your laptop's power button to act as sleep button using acpid, then installed systemd or systemd-shim and pressed the button only to find your laptop to shut down after it wakes up from sleep, set these options in /etc/systemd/logind.conf:

    HandleSuspendKey …
  2. Kallithea 0.2 released

    By Andrej Shadura

    This post is almost a carbon copy of the Kallithea 0.2 release notes.

    Kallithea project have just released Kallithea 0.2. Kallithea is a Python-based GPLv3 source code management software for web-based hosting of Mercurial and Git repositories.

    This release brings many changes since 0.1. Notably, pull requests …

  3. Tired of autotools? Try this: mk-configure

    By Andrej Shadura

    mk-configure is a project which tries to be autotools done right. Instead of supporting an exceedingly large number of platforms, modern and ancient, at costs of generated unreadable multi-kilobyte shell scripts, mk-configure aims at better support of less platforms, but those which are really in use today. One of the …

  4. hgk misbehaviour with Tk 8.4

    By Andrej Shadura

    Strangely enough, running hgk (a port of gitk to Mercurial, also known as hg view) with Tk 8.4 crashes my X server. Updating both Tk and the X doesn't help. I don't feel like I want to debug X now, but probably that's what I have to do :(

    Backtrace …
  5. Process isolation support in start-stop-daemon

    By Andrej Shadura

    Yesterday I played with LXC a bit, and I liked it, as LXC provides a very lightweight isolation of processes, much like enchanced chroot. However, I realised, I don't always need the chroot-like part of LXC, sometimes what I need is just to make sure the process is unable to …

  6. Clearlooks-Phénix update

    By Andrej Shadura

    Once upon a time, GTK+ 3.0 was released. That release brought at least one Bad Thing™: incompatibility with GTK+ 2.x themes. At the same time, previously popular Clearlooks theme hasn't been ported. Many people didn't like that, but only one decided to DTRT — to do the Right Thing …

  7. Not coming to FOSDEM

    By Andrej Shadura

    It turnes out moving to a different city takes more time and effort than I originally expected, so I'm skipping FOSDEM this year. That's unlike I originally planned to spend the beginning of February — I had my flight booked already, but apparently that's not the best idea ever to go …

  8. A bit more on TrueCrypt

    By Andrej Shadura

    Few days ago I was discussing my last blog post with a colleague of mine, Lukaš Tvrdý, and he's mentioned that it actually is possible to harmlessly decrypt the TrueCrypted filesystem in online mode, resize it, and encrypt it back again. Well, I decided to try, because I have had …

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