Articles by Andrej Shadura

  1. GNU indent 2.2.12

    As the maintainer of GNU indent, I have just released version 2.2.12 (signature), the first release GNU indent saw in eight years.

    Highlights include:

    • New options:
      • -pal / --pointer-align-left and-par/--pointer-align-right`
      • -fnc / --fix-nested-comment
      • -gts / --gettext-strings
      • -slc / --single-line-conditionals
      • -as / --align-with-spaces
      • -ut / --use-tabs
      • -nut / --no-tabs
      • -sar / --spaces-around-initializers
      • -ntac / --dont-tab-align-comments
    • C99 …
  2. Upcoming git-crecord release

    More than 1½ years since the first release of git-crecord, I’m preparing a big update. Not aware how exactly many people are using it, I neglected the maintenance for some time, but last month I’ve decided I need to take action and fix some issues I’ve known …

  3. Working in open source: part 1

    Three years ago on this day I joined Collabora to work on free software full-time. It still feels a bit like yesterday, despite so much time passing since then. In this post, I’m going to reconstruct the events of that year.

    Back in 2015, I worked for Alcatel-Lucent, who …

  4. Porting inputplug to XCB

    5 years ago I wrote inputplug, a tiny daemon which connects to your X server and monitors its input devices, running an external command each time a device is connected or disconnected.

    I have used a custom keyboard layout and a fairly non-standard settings for my pointing devices since 2012 …

  5. Goodbye Octopress, hello Pelican

    Hi from MiniDebConf in Hamburg!

    As you may have noticed, I don’t update this blog often. One of the reasons why this was happening was that until now it was incredibly difficult to write posts. The software I used, Octopress (based on Jekyll) was based on Ruby, and it …

  6. Say no to Slack, say yes to Matrix

    Of all proprietary chatting systems, Slack has always seemed one of the worst to me. Not only it’s a closed proprietary system with no sane clients, open source or not, but it not just one walled garden, as Facebook or WhatsApp are, but a constellation of walled gardens, isolated …

  7. Migrate to systemd without a reboot

    Yesterday I was fixing an issue with one of the servers behind the hook intended to propagage pushes from Our Own Kallithea to Bitbucket stopped working. Until yesterday, that server was using Debian’s flavour of System V init and djb’s dæmontools to keep things running. To …

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